Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh! You're feelin' blue...

The last couple days have been cloudy, dreary and raining. Needless to say, that tends to make you feel a bit down and out. At least I do. It doesn't help that there's a lot on my mind and I can't shake off what I'm feeling. So, now I'm turning to the comfort of my writing, where I can express in black and white, my emotions. I like that words can't judge you. You write them, they're there and they accept wherever and however you place them. They are able to show in as much or minimal detail how you feel, what you think and can translate things to the reader that otherwise may not be understood. That's why I love to write. I love words. I love art because it too, can show emotion the way nothing else can. I want to post a couple pieces that I have captured. First, there is the girl taking in the scent of the flower. She looks so carefree and the flower is so delicate, yet offers itself as a thing of beauty that someone can find peace and relaxation from. Most of my artwork takes me less than five minutes, but I think this piece reveals how something so small can give you so much; finding peace in the simplest of life's joys and God's creations. Next is the photo of the sunrise. Oh, how good it feels to take a walk in the earliest of dawn and see the sunrise! That day was particularly chilly; fog surrounded the hills, trees and countryside but the sun shone through the haze and brought forth its beauty on everything it gazed upon. My wish is for everyone who is needing something, feeling down, or maybe just needs their spirit uplifted, look to the simple things and realize how blessed you really are. ~

xoxo - SassiGurl

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  1. A change from your usual blog, I find it nice a read. Your blogs about fashion are great, and this change in tone to the blogs you usually do is fantistic. A great way to be expressive and show another side to you. I, as the reader, feel a great deal of connection being how I also had to suffer through the rain and lack of motivation yesterday. Great art and I can't wait to see what other fashion styles you bring to the table and also like the insert of emotion today. Great job. keep it up.