Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello again, blog!

I decided I've neglected my blog for far too long (has it been over a week already!?) so tonight, I'm dedicating a post to what I've been up to for the last few days - exciting!
My first obsession is working out. Ah yes. I've come to love it and set apart nearly an hour everyday to being active. It's the perfect time to do so since it's Spring; and I must not forget to mention that I live in the country! What better place to do cardio than outside in the country? I certainly think it's better than the gym! I do several kinds of cardio, too. I interchange between Zumba, Jogging and the wonderful old Ski Machine, which I regret to say I don't like so much. I also devote every other day to strength training. Who doesn't love a strong gal? Haha.

I've also been learning how to make jewelry - yay! it's so fun! Regardless of how tedious it is, I absolutely love it! I'm learning how to do hemp and wire bead jewelry so it's keeping me busy, which is always good. Here are a couple things I've made so far:

And of course, I must satisfy my shopping urges which I tend to get on a regular basis... as a result, I have this new purse by Kathy Van Zeeland (how I love her!) I obtained some other items as well, which I may feature in upcoming blogs. :)

Sorry about the lighting and graininess of the photos, the sun was setting. I think they still turned out okay. Besides, I was able to capture a beautiful photo of the horizon!

Lastly, I've been working on a very special project - a homemade jewelry box! I'm not done with it yet but when I am, I'll be sure to post how I did it and the finished product. Can't wait! I'm off for now, take care all!

xoxo - SassiGurl

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  1. Yey for working out! I'm obsessed with it, too. I had stopped doing yoga for awhile because it was getting hard for me to do while being sick, but I've picked it up again and am even more obsessed. ♥